James M Singleton publishes Downtown Pittsburgh Updates which include Construction, Restorations,
Renovations, Cultural District Updates and other major changes to Downtown Pittsburgh.

News! Updated July 19



Construction of a Downtown Pittsburgh Bike Lane on Penn Avenue in the Cultural District has been approved and should begin soon. This bike-only lane is expected to be completed in September 2014.

Pittsburgh James' latest images of the Tower at PNC Plaza, Downtown Pittsburgh Holiday Inn Hotel, the Gardens at Market Square and the Pittsburgh Cultural District.

Construction of the Downtown Pittsburgh Holiday Inn has not begun, yet.

Mellon Square Restoration has been completed.

Bike Lane Project and Downtown Pittsburgh Dog Park follow-ups are planned near the end of Summer.

James has discovered a new potential Dog Park in Downtown Pittsburgh located in Gateway Center.

Pittsburgh Skyline and Night Skyline images and wallpaper will be updated during the Summer of 2014 if weather conditions permit. High pressure and a low dew point is needed for good Pittsburgh Skyline images.

Enjoy my free Pittsburgh Skyline Wallpaper and
Pittsburgh Night Skyline Wallpaper!

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