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James M Singleton takes point-and-shoot camera snapshots of major changes in Downtown Pittsburgh which can include construction, restorations and renovations; along with updates from the Pittsburgh Cultural District.


Here are James' latest updates of the Tower at PNC Plaza, Gardens at Market Square and the Pittsburgh Cultural District.

During May 2015, images will continue to be updated/upgraded to the new 1200px by 675px size. Progress will depend on weather conditions.

This is not a photography website so images will be of low quality and optimized to load fast. Also, watermarking isn't needed and theft isn't a big issue.

Point State Park was added to the list. The image showing now has a Rubber Duck in Pittsburgh background.

James M Singleton is watching for a Dog Park in Downtown Pittsburgh. The Downtown Pittsburgh Dog Park is still on the wish-list.

The Clemente Bridge Bike Lane is open and the EQT Plaza renovation has been completed.


Pittsburgh Skyline and Night Skyline images were not updated this year.

Mellon Square restoration has been completed and the Downtown Pittsburgh Penn Avenue Bike Lane is ready.

Dynamic Drive

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James is not testing the Windows 10 Technical Preview at this time because of an upgrade to this web page. Downtown Pittsburgh images are being enlarged to 1200px by 675px and there will be many additions, deletions and updates during the Spring and Summer of 2015.

Downtown Pittsburgh Update is a platform for James M Singleton to test the latest browser advances with HTML5 and CSS3 while entertaining viewers interested in the Pittsburgh area.

Web page features encryption, full-page animations using CSS, printable version, mobile version, no pop-up or nag screens, no in-line text ads or other distractions.

Downtown Pittsburgh Update will always be in beta and can change at any time.